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OTW combined Feb assignments...
I don't believe in love magic. Nina had. I remember one very heated argument we had over it, and whether or not it was 'good' to use it, if it even worked. The coven sold love spells left and right, to girls pining for some idiot who ignored them, or men who wanted to enchant that girl out of their league. I'd told Nina the spells were useless (which was true) though I couldn't back it up, so she'd never really believed me.
I've done my research now. Love magic is rooted in both pagan and Judeo-Christian traditions.  Witches back in the "good old days" trying to keep as wide a target audience as possible. It used everything any other type of binding spell used. Ritual candles, incense and herbs, sometimes a lock or hair or something belonging to that special person. There were different types of love spells, too.  Spells that fixed marriages, that bound two people together, that started a romance between two friends. The books made it all seem pretty legitimate. I didn't beli
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Space Family
Mercury is clingy. And a whiner. She’s running loops around him while she says his name, trying to get closer to him, and it’s making him dizzy. And once she starts, it’s never long before Venus and Terra start to join in. 
Those three are the worst about being his tag-alongs, and the most high-energy siblings a guy could get. Mars gets in on it sometimes, too, and when he does all hell breaks loose, because he’s such a selfish loud-mouth. He doesn’t care if Helios needs some space. He wants to game it with  big-bro, or hang out, or wrestle. 
The other five are better about the whole situation. They stay close, but are rarely cling as much as the inner four do. Jupiter is cool about it, and his twin brother Saturn loves to direct attention away from Helios for a bit when they see he’s going to flare up. They’re irritating little twerps sometimes, but he appreciates it when they get the younger ones to pay a
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OTW 101 -Jan- Paralysis
Ross returned to his dorm with an armful of books.  His whole group had left with more than one, at least.  Upon discovering that he would not get in trouble for taking books from this library (provided he return them on time), Ross had gone a little nuts, checking out nearly a dozen books on both incantations and shadowmancy, including the Incantations and Spells book Professor Razik had suggested to them.  He dropped the books on his desk and pulled that one out first. 
The other books were technically unnecessary.  Ross and his group had chosen a spell while they were still at the library, but as far as Ross was concerned more reading was never a bad thing.  He paged through the book absently, in no hurry to find the spell as he thought over his group.  It was kind of unnerving to have been paired up with a vampire and a blood demon, not to mention his teacher was a kelpie of all things.  Ross made a mental note never to let on in that
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Witches of East End

Based on Melissa de la Cruz's New York Times best-selling novel, Witches of East End centers on the Beauchamp family, where in season one sisters Freya and Ingrid discovered they are witches with ancient magical powers. With the help of their mother Joanna and Aunt Wendy, they learned how to cultivate their craft and work together to defeat unearthly enemies seeking revenge on their family, while keeping their abilities a secret from the town.
This season, with the portal to Asgard open, what comes through will forever change the lives of the Beauchamps. Darkness surrounds East End as a new stranger arrives. Joanna is still weak with poison in her blood as the Beauchamps search desperately for a cure. With the death of Penelope, Killian and Dash's warlock powers return. #DarknessIsRising
The Creative Team behind The Witches of East End want to participate with you in a
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So, I'm an amateur artist who love anime and manga and cosplaying. I love to write and draw, and combine the two by making comics and manga. I also like yaoi and shonen-ai, so please no hates. [= I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm planning to go to college to study Graphic Design and Japanese.

My current project is a boy's love manga called "Voice" which you can find at the link below.

I love languages too. English is my first language, but I studied Spanish for a time, and am currently studying Japanese.

Tumblr | Voice

Skype: lightbenderlin (the name is arioseDreamer cx)


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Best time ever at the Ren Faire yesterday!

I finished my cosplay in time for Time Travelers weekend! Because a Knight of Time at the Renaissance Faire made so much sense. I met some people with beautiful costumes, took pictures and had my picture taken a lot, "saved" a shop by "donating" my boots (this ones a fun story), and just generally had a good time.

As someone who's never been to a convention or anything is cosplay, I really cannot describe how excited I was to have people stop me to ask to take my picture! Not five minutes on the grounds and a girl asked for my picture and that basically made my entire day. It was a running thing with my sisters how many times I would get stopped for pictures that day, but I loved it. 

There were a couple of vendors who knew Homestuck too. The best story I have of that is when we were heading towards Fionas corset shop, and a bread/soup vendor called out to "sir Knight of Time" and asked me to go down to the confectionary, because there was someone down there who would greatly appreciate seeing me. So we went, and one of the bakers loved Homestuck and her reaction was super cute when I came in and told her someone sent us. She'd made apple cupcakes for Time Travelers weekend hoping a Dave or another Homestuck would understand. (the cupcakes were delicious, by the way. Between being Dave Strider and being a great lover of apple things myself, I couldn't resist.)

Then we met a Jane Crocker at Fiona's, who had a great costume. I was trying on a corset when I noticed her, and she was so nice about waiting around for me to get back into my cosplay to get some pictures with her! There were countless Doctors, plenty of TARDIS's, a few Rose Tylers, and one River Song. Apparently there was a Master there, and a Jack Harkness who flirted with everyone who'd let him, but I managed to miss them somehow. 

I also heard there was a Cecil Baldwin? and Sailor Moon? Somehow, I missed a lot of good cosplays. I also managed to miss the costume contest, because I wasn't paying attention to the time and where the contest was held (too bad I couldn't actually time travel, huh?) 

But, I managed to accidentally come across an acquaintance of mine from college! Noah and his friends were in Homestuck cosplay too. And they had Bro Strider with them. (Funny story: both me and Bro instantly went for a totally (un)ironic bro-hug when we noticed each other. Dave was just happy Bro was alive okay? It was a special moment for the brothers.)

Well, basically it was a ball, and if you or someone you know has pictures of me, please send them my way! I'd love to see them! <3 I have more pictures of me and other cosplayers/costumes on my tumblr under my cosplay tag and my PA Ren Faire tag, if you'd like to see!



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